• A10V 31,32and 52 Series Model:A10VSO71DR/31R-PPA12N00
    Nominal pressure 280 bar
    Maximum pressure 350 bar


New product:A10VO18DR(DFR,DRS,ED...)/53R-PPA11N00

Axial piston pumps model A10V are swash plate design variable displacement pumps.
This piston pump smoothly and continuously varies its displacement,by altering the angle of its swashplate. As your system operates, valves monitor the loads on the actuators and control the swashplate accordingly.

• High Efficiency through load sensing (= fuel savings)
• Maximum Pressure Control Built In
• Long Service Life
• Large Range of Flow Rates Available
• Low Noise Level
• Cast Iron Contruction
• Standard Mounting Flange Dimensions
• Standard Drive Shaft Dimensions
• Direct Engine Mount or PTO Drive Capability


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