• Axial piston pump A2V Model:A2V500HDEOR5GP
    Type key example:
    A2V | 1000 | HD | H | R | 5 | E | P
    Break down of a type key:
    A2V  = Pump type
    1000 = Nominal size
    HD    = Adjustment device
    H      = Circuit type
    R      = Rotation direction
    5       = Series
    E      = Model
    P       = Shaft end
    Axial piston unit of bent axis design with variable displacement,
    for hydrostatic drives in closed and semiclosed,and open circuits.

Maximum flow is proportional to the drive speed an displacement and is infinitely variable at constant drive speed.

Comprehensive control programme for every control and regulating function.

Heavy duty rolling bearings for intermittent high pressure operation.
For continuous duty at high pressures, hydrostatic bearings are available.
Operation on fire-resistant fluids is possible.
Improved port plate design and compact design reduces noise level.


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