• JLB(A2VK) 5,12,28,55,107,225(ml/r) Model:JLB12MAO12RP1
    P(kW): 2.2,5.5,11,22,40,75(n=1450rpm,P=150bar)
    Pumps fitted with variable displacement control should not be operated at less than 10% of full displacement.


Variable displacement axial piston pump for pumping and metering polyurethane components(polyol and isocynate).

Imported materials and bearings make our products more reliable.
Special surface treatment ensure the good performance and quality.

The operaters can precise ajustment of output.

– High metering accuracy and reproducibility of the variable
pumped volumes
– Robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral
precision measuring scale
– Operating pressure up to 250 bar
– Low pulsation of the pumped medium
– Pump components are compatible with the pumped media
(polyol, isocyanate) due to special pairings of materials
and sealing elements
– Low-noise
– Excellent volumetric efficiency for high metering accuracy
– Double shaft seals with buffer fluid ports to guarantee safe
operation (and protect the environment)
– With corrosion protection


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